Powerful Persuasive Copywriting for your White Papers, Case Studies, Web Pages, and Brochures

Persuasive copywriting writes white papers, case studies, web pages, and brochures that presell your clients on the benefits of your biotech products and medical devices.

Convinces them that your biotech assay or medical device solves their needs and their clients'. It brings in new leads.


It provides solutions to your customer’s challenges and calms their concerns.

Persuasive-Copywriting.com finds the perfect words to grab your client’s attention. The copy differentiates your product from the competition.

Your case study shows how your scientific assay or medical device improves the lives of your clients. They can relate.

Your web page includes the right kind of subtle testimonials for your biotech assay or medical device. For example, for scientific assays, potential clients want to know "Have the results from your assays been published?" If so, potential clients are more impressed by publications in Nature, Science, Cell, etc. than less prestigious journals.     

Persuasive copywriting shows the benefits so your client sees, hears, touches, maybe even envisions the graphs or patient benefits which are the ultimate benefits of buying and using your biotech assay or medical device.

The information fulfills your client’s search for knowledge. It helps her outshine all peers… further her career goals… and rewards the bottom line of her company... or lab… while boosting the profits of your company.

Persuasive copywriting helps persuade new clients to buy.

To get started, contact me for an information packet.

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