Add 7 Hallmarks of Great Copy into Your Copywriting Needed Today

Your product sales and your profits depend on getting the best copy for your copywriting needed that you can afford.

Here are 7 benchmarks to help you recognize great copy.

1. The headline grabs you by the lapels and propels you into the copy. You want to read more.

2. The copy paints a picture of the benefits of the product or services. You learn new ideas, facts…Your thirst for knowledge is satisfied…and you sense a rapport… the writer understands your needs.

3. The features are highlighted. The benefits implied and may be laid on the table. In your gut, you know that you’ll achieve all your true desires …that this product will help you win against the odds…earn you unbelievable profits…respect… give you more freedom… more time …and propel your career and business skyward.

4. The testimonials or examples add uses…and credibility. You believe the writer.

5. You want to hire this service NOW. Your writer has persuaded you to buy and you’re ready.

6. The offer has several options such as buy in quantity to save on price. It offers different ways to order—online, by phone or fax. Your wallet is open.

7. All types of copywriting needed should persuade the reader to action now. Some, such as direct mail post its, will be much shorter. Direct Mail White papers will have more details of the features but will also focus on the benefits.

These tips yield great sales, profits or donations from your direct mail or internet marketing campaigns.

Use these tips to get the best from your copywriter on your copywriting needed projects.

Copywriting Idea:

What’s unique about your product, or service? Who’re your clients? What are their goals?

What are your goals…now and in 1 year…5 years…10 years?

Copywriting Tip:

Highlight benefits of your service or products… Support with features of your products or services. Include clients’ or members’ own compliments …in their own words.

Copywriting Trick:

What are the other benefits or selling points of your services or products?

My Copywriting Technique:

Reader grabbing headline that propels your clients into your sales letters, direct mail post it, direct mail white paper or web site. Your customers imagine and can feel all the benefits of your service or products now…how it helps them, their business…. It makes your clients want your services, your products or to be a part of your mission now.

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