BIO of Freelance Copywriter, Kathy Molnar-Kimber, Ph.D.

If you’re looking for a freelance copywriter to persuade your clients to agree with your ideas, to buy your products or fund your group, then you’ve come to the right place.

Kathy Molnar-Kimber, Ph.D. is a freelance copywriter and technical consultant who writes, edits, and reviews advertising copy, web sites, internet marketing, direct mail campaigns, case reports, review articles, science journal articles, technical papers, and direct mail white papers for niche businesses and organizations.

Do you have technical jargon but need copy that pulls sales?

Are you looking to test a new angle –a new control-- for your product?

Forging Breakthoughs in Advertising

Here's my general strategy for discovering marketing breakthroughs for your product.

Briefly, I focus on your audience—learn their desires and beliefs.

Review your product and see how its benefits can fulfill the desires of your audience.

Give them new information,

and keep your facts straight.

It’ll impress everyone, including the technies. How do I know?

I’m one—

Ensure the facts on your copy are correct by tapping my vast research, writing, and editing experience:

I earned my Ph.D. in Immunology—the study of how we fight off disease-- from Univ. of Penn.

Tap my writing and research experience gained during jobs in a Pharmaceutical firm for 10 years, Biotechnology firms, and Academia (Delaware Valley College and Univ. of Pennsylvania as a Research Associate Professor).

Your audience will understand your correctly formatted, technical writing jobs because I’ve already written and published over 50 papers in prestigious scientific journals.

Journals including Journal of Immunology, Proceeding of the National Academy of Science, Journal of Virology, Transplantation, Human Gene Therapy, Cancer Gene Therapy, Molecular Therapy, Clinical Cancer Research and more.

Or enhance your marketing campaigns with my direct experience of searching for better cures—treatments for arthritis, allergies and cancer in western, integrated, complementary and alternative medicine. And for very profitable and solid investments.

Learn some of the top emotional triggers for health foods, energy based medicine, vitamin supplements, and financial newsletters.

Thus, you benefit from my broad background, research skills, critical thinking, and writing, because I can find the big picture and help your clients know why they need your product today.

Giving your clients the big picture increases your readership and sales

When doing research, I read and understand the whole articles, not just the abstract.

In fact, I understand the papers so well that I’m invited to be an ad hoc reviewer for many prestigious scientific journals, such as Lancet, Cancer Research, Journal of Virology, Molecular Therapy, Human Gene Therapy, Cancer Gene Therapy.

Ensure accurate copy and brochures by requesting a review: After all, I check manuscripts to those journals listed above and grant proposals submitted to the National Cancer Institute of the NIH for accuracy and scientific merit—also how well they can sell the reviewers on the significance of their studies (view my past review schedule here and some of the bloopers that I’ve found in copy).

Thus, I stay up to date both scientifically and in the lay press.

I link current news with your products or services, whenever possible, for increased desire and profits.

Tying current news to your products or services can forge powerful and very profitable new internet marketing or direct mail campaigns.

Persuade your clients that your product helps them deal with the new situation, and sales will soar.

It also keeps your clients interested.

Tap into my Marketing and Copywriting expertise …the same expertise that has sold millions…and been awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How would you like to hire a freelance copywriter who sold 13.1 million copies of a book?

A freelance copywriter who researches your product, its market and your audience to uncover their needs, desires, beliefs and triggers.

A freelance copywriter who knows how to weave your products’ benefits, proof, images, promises and limitations for maximum impact, sales, and profits.

A freelance copywriter who uses the “right” rhythm and words for your audience.

A freelance copywriter who persuades your clients to action TODAY.

Although Gene Schwartz has moved on, you can still benefit from his legacy documented in “Breakthough Advertising” by my research and persuasive copy.

You will also benefit from insights of other great copywriters like Bob Bly, Clayton Makepeace, Joe Vitale, Michael Masterson, and Jo Han Mok.

What do they all have in common?

All great copywriters write like they’re talking with you over a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or a mug of beer.

Enjoy flowing copy that comes from talking with lots of friends …

Whether your audience is Biotechnology, young girls (like Girl Scouts), or baby boomers, your copy should excite their desires.

Your audience is special…Your audience needs the right words, the right rhythm for them to trust your knowledge.

Only then will your readers order your products…or call to discuss your services.

Isn’t it time to test a change in your marketing? If so, contact your freelance copywriter, Kathy molnar-Kimber, Ph.D. using this convenient contact form.

Even alternative health newsletters are being read more and more by medical professionals—M.D.s, R.N.s, Ph.D.s.

They want the facts straight…or their money back.


Pharmaceutical firms, Biotechnology firms, Non-profit organizations, Niche businesses, Professionals, and Alternative health interests.

Is it time to change your angle to increase sales?

Here’s an example of two advertisements for a restaurant in Pennsylvania that I did—one in advertising voice and this second one in direct mail format.

Imagine viewing a living coral reef and savoring a scrumptious dinner, only 10 min from home.

Dear Friend,

Would you like to know how to find great local restaurants?

That headline entices the reader to read more, much more than the headline in the advertising voice:

“Best Restaurant in Delaware Valley 2000-2004”

However, the choice is yours.

Boost your sales of products and services … and your profits with

Enhance your marketing group --on an as needed basis.

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