These 9 copywriting tips will boost donations in your Non-Profit Direct Mail Campaign

Donations received from non-profit direct mail campaigns form the lifeblood of your non-profit organization. Imagine increasing donations to your cause 10-50% or more.

Here are 9 ways to open the hearts and wallets of sympathizers in direct mail letters, brochures, and internet marketing.

1. Help your new sympathizers see, hear, and feel your non-profit’s benefits in your Direct Mail Non-Profit campaign of letters, post cards or brochures to increase your membership.

2. Focus your non-profit direct mail fundraising letters and brochures on the local and global benefits of your cause to enlist the most new members. Help them imagine these benefits with all their senses.

3. Tell them heart-felt stories that they can then tell their children, grandchildren and friends.

4. Send your members monthly updates as to how their donations are helping today in your cause. These updates keep your members involved in your non-profit and proud of your accomplishments.

5. Award your members with meaningful, affordable, gifts in their renewal notices. Such incentives that evoke pride in your / their cause work best, including mailing labels…animal stamps…backpacks…tote bags…caps… calendars…or more.

6. Woo past supporters to membership with new stories and testimonials in reactivation letters.

7. Emotionally charge your short and long sales letters, short e-mails linked to a longer e mail sales letter and your web site, to touch the souls of your supporters….And open their pocketbooks.

8. For the top return on investment (ROI) in direct mail marketing for non-profits, use mailing lists or e mail lists of people interested in supporting your cause… members of similar organizations.

9. Request funds for capital improvements separately from general funds. Sympathizers will often give for both.

Isn’t it time that your current non-profit direct mail letters grab your readers, propel them into the copy and help them imagine your non-profit’s benefits enough so they open their wallets?

Answer these Questions to improve your non-profit’s fundraising letters, brochures, e mails and raise donations to your cause.

What makes your non-profit organization unique? Who do they help? How? Who donates? Why?

What are the most important benefits of your non-profit organization:

…improved air ...improved health for family...comfort

Spread enjoyment of the arts—dance, music, sculpture, paintings

Preserve and promote usage of historic sites

Teach children or adults about... Save and reignite interest in old varieties of vegetables, fruits, flowers, minor breeds of animals.

Provide shelter and food for...abandoned dogs...horses...children.

Fund Research for specific diseases.

Help patients and their families cope with a disease.

What influence have you had Locally … nationally ... internationally? What do members say?

Include member’s own compliments their own words.

My copywriting technique: Reader grabbing headline that entices him to imagine all the benefits of your non-profit group...

Stories he can tell his children and grandchildren.

So the client realizes he must do his part...This is a purpose that touches...engulfs his soul. It makes him feel good about being a part so he donates.

So she donates.

Isn’t it time to test new non-profit direct mail letters for your foundation and raise additional funds?

Woo more new sympathizers and raise the donation level of current members with persuasive copywriting in your non-profit direct mail campaigns, your internet marketing and copywriting fundraising needs now.

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