Long tail marketing

Long tail marketing explains how 40-50% of your internet traffic arrives by unique keyword searches. It’s important to identify those phrases being used in searches every day. So your customers can find your niche store front....

The long tail concept in business was coined by Chris Anderson, the author of the book, The Long Tail. Basically, he showed how niche stores now have an advantage as compared to the large department stores. Most department stores only stock what most people in the local area will buy. Stores on the internet can provide products to a narrow niche of highly interested customers, even if they are located worldwide.

The challenge is ensuring that highly interested customers find your niche store. The best location on the internet is on the first page of a search engine listing. You can buy a lot of google adwords or write great content to rank high in the search engines. It’s your choice.

Actually, it’s best to use many strategies to generate leads.

The best long tail marketing do-it-yourself website package is helping 35% of its business owners be in the top 1% of internet sites. 53% are in the top 2% of all websites and 62% of its business owners are in the top 3% of internet sites.

Where do you want your business to rank?

Maybe it’s time to work on your business and consider putting those keywords to work so your internet store front lands in the top 3% of sites also.

This software package, by Site Build it, is a true package: It tracks the keywords used by your incoming traffic, the pages they left on, email, newsletters, blogs. It finds the keywords that your clients are using, helps format the content for people and search engines, find links, and much, much more.

However, if you’re a giant store, you may not need these advantages…or you may just want to use their analysis software to tweak your site.

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