Imagine viewing a living coral reef and savoring a scrumptious dinner only 10 minutes from home

Dear Friend,

Would you like to know how to find great local restaurants?

In Europe, you LISTEN… for lots of locals enjoying their meals! If you choose theirs, you’ll enjoy delicious food and great prices.

Here, you…I…and everyone can vote for our favorite restaurant. Some places win the Reader’s Choice Award 1 year, maybe 2.

Only 1 restaurant won Reader’s Choice Award 5 years in a row!

As you open their carved, copper doors, mouth-watering aromas of sizzling chicken, seafood, cashews, and snap peas fill your nostrils.

The quick arrival of refreshing tea, fried noodles and marinated cucumbers bring smiles to your family and friends while you read the menu.

The menu offers you plenty of choices—from succulent beef, warm moist chicken, roasted to perfection pork, to fresh vegetables and scrumptious seafood. Here, there’s no MSG. Only natural spices deliciously season all 74 dishes.

Friendly Ambiance

At the table, you notice the maroon, pink, and light grey live coral in the center aquarium. The rhythmic green seaweed, the pink pom pom xenia, and the black and white tube worms sway in the currents.

As peppermint shrimp meanders by, your conversation drifts to the vacation of your dreams.

The fish, the shrimp, the tube worms and the two intricate lion statues that flank the aquarium mesmerize your kids… so they’re content.

Award-winning Gourmet Cuisine

The tender beef strips with delicious sautéed snow peas delight your taste buds.

The moist, delicately flavored chicken breast sautéed with oodles of cashew nuts gives you just the right amount of crunch and vegetables.

The spicy hot beef or chicken stokes your inner fire.

The dumplings galore satisfy your kids. Better than chicken nuggets! And more American fare is available—hot dog and hamburger for the diehards.

The seafood—shrimp, scallops, crab and salmon with nuts or lots of fresh vegetables are sautéed to your perfection.

Savor as little or as much brown, white, or fried rice as you desire. After all, you control the “carbs”.

Abacus won the Reader’s Choice Awards 1999-2004

Come see why—your family, friends and taste buds will thank you!

And tell us your favorite specials …or request new specials.

Do you eat out 1-4 times per week, like many families?

If so, combine great food, with relaxing ambiance at Abacus in Lansdale. Come celebrate life--your little triumphs and your big accomplishments.

Or, Try our Take Out. It’s great for your hurry up dinners—delicious and healthy, too. Just call ahead at 215-362-2010 or Fax your order to 215-362-2011. Sincerely,

Joe “Abacus” Chen

P.S. Dine at award-winning Abacus on Tuesday this week and save 5% with this letter. It’s Our Thank You to You.

Abacus 1551 Valley Forge Rd, North Penn Shopping Center, Lansdale Ph: 215-362-2010 or Fax: 215-362-2011

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